Interfaith Center at the Institute for
Theological Studies at St. Margaret's

The goal of the Center is to reduce the hatred and fear
among the world religions.

Compassion in Action

On September 11, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. the Interfaith Center
hosted "Compassion in Action," an interfaith event held on the grounds
of the Arkansas House of Prayer. Over 130 people from many
different religious backgrounds gathered to pray for peace and to bless the people doing interfaith work in the community.
The Multi-Faith Youth Group processed into the event carrying
a new interfaith prayer box to be permanently stationed
at the House of Prayer, and later presented the following original prayer:

We are standing in your presence to pray for peace and harmony.
We pray for a day when your love envelops the earth.
A day when spirits that unite us are stronger than the forces that divide us.
A day when all people are one no matter what color, race, or religion.
Please grant us compassion to care for all creations;
love to keep us strong; and acceptance to reduce hatred.
Please guide our hearts through understanding,
so we may coexist in harmony,
and universal peace may prevail the earth.

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